Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Worry not about the missing wrist cuff

According to the twitter of Sérgio Sá Leitão (seen in blue next to Bill Condon at a press conference), the director of Rio Filme, the organization that is working with Summit in Brazil:

“A ilha, a praia e a casa vão ficar lindas em Amanhecer. E não se preocupem com a ausência do bracelete… Tudo de acordo com o planejado.Depende da montagem. Mas se for isso… Está ótimo. Igual ao livro. @karinnasoares: Verdade q só teremos 5min de Brasil no filme Amanhecer?


“The island, the beach, and the house will all be beautiful for Breaking Dawn. Don’t worry about the missing bracelet (we assume he means wrist cuff). Everything is going according to plan. Even if Brazil is only in the movie for five minutes after they edit all the footage together, it’s going to be a spectacular five minutes.”

Another discussion arose surrounding Edward not wearing a wedding ring. Folks immediately went back to the novel where: surprise, surprise there is NO MENTION of Edward having a wedding ring (or the ring part of the ceremony at all for that matter). Another excellent point brought up on Twifans was that prior to WWII it was uncommon for men to wear wedding rings, maybe Edward wouldn’t want one since he was born in 1901?


[Ina Noorazan]

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