Thursday, November 11, 2010

Possible Who's Who in the supporting role

Summit Entertainment has announced the actors that were casted in supporting roles. However since they didn't specify who plays which character, this has led to a bit of discussion but everyone seemed to know that there wouldn't be a casting announcement if the parts weren't somewhat significant.

MTV's Hollywood Crush came up with the following ideas about which actors might be paired with which roles:

• Ty Olsson as "J. Jenks"
The 36-year-old actor who is best known for his work in "2012" and "X2" is a dead ringer for the balding, middle-aged attorney James Jenks that Bella deals with several times over the course of "Breaking Dawn." He has a fairly important part in the story, so it makes a lot of sense that an established actor would be cast in the role instead of a newcomer.

• Wendell Pierce as "Max"
He is a seasoned actor thanks to roles in "The Wire" and "Treme" who seems to match the vague description given for Jenks's in-between man Max. He is described as having "crinkly black hair" and "dark skin" that was "smooth and perfect," a contradiction to his teeth that were "white and straight." Though his age isn't given, it can be assumed that an older man (like Wendell) would be working for Jenks, and not someone younger.

• Amadou Ly as "Nahuel"
Nahuel is described as having skin that is an "impossibly rich, dark brown," "warm teak" eyes and hair that was "black and braided, too, like the woman's, though not as long." Amadou Ly might not have that hair in the pictures we've seen online, but the 22-year-old Senegalian actor definitely satisfies Nahuel's description in every other way.

• Carolina Virguez as "Huilen"
It seems very likely that Hispanic actress Carolina Virguiez will be playing Huilen, who is (based on the information in the book) probably in her 20s or 30s and is described as a "small olive-toned female vampire with a long braid of black hair." Since Huilen is Machupe, an indigenous inhabitant of south-central Chile and southwestern Argentina, Carolina seems like a perfect match, but she also could be playing Kaure, a Brazilian employee at Isle Esme described as being "a slight female" with a face "creased with lines."

• Sebastiao Lemos as "Gustavo"
He seems the most likely choice to play Gustavo, the other Brazilian employee at Isle Esme. He is described as "a round man" whose face is also "creased with lines."

• Olga Fonda as "Renata"
Olga who has had bit roles in "Melrose Place" and "How I Met Your Mother," might be playing Renata, Aro's shield vampire. Renata doesn't get a physical description in the book (or many lines), but there's something about the way Olga carries herself that she'd be totally badass as Renata.

• Janelle Froehlich as "Chelsea"
She is best known for "Hacienda Heights," could be the best choice to play Chelsea, one of the Volturi guard who is important in "Breaking Dawn" because of her ability to change others' loyalties. Like Renata, she doesn't get a physical description, but she spends a lot of time with Alec and Jane and we figure she'll probably look physically younger, like they do.

• Masami Osaka as "Mr. Weber"
That leaves Japanese actor Masami Kosaka as the last of the eight actors, who has the lucky role of being the man to make Edward and Bella husband and wife. Who else would he be playing but Angela Weber's father, Mr. Weber, who conducts the wedding ceremony at the beginning of the film. Coincidentally, Masami also worked alongside Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning in "The Runaways" as "Japanese journalist.


[Ina Noorazan] - These are just theories but the descriptions & explainations makes sense to me. We'll just have to wait to Nov 2011 to see whether any of the predictions are true.

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