Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pathways that 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn' could explore {SPOILER ALERT!}

On several occasions, when speaking of the decision to split Breaking Dawn into two films, screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg noted that one of the biggest questions considered was whether there was enough material in the story to warrant making two films.

In Eclipse, the potential for backstory development material and content which was otherwise out of "Bella’s" viewpoint during the books is great with these films, and there are several instances in Breaking Dawn where the same is quite possible.

A few ideas that could be explored (SPOILER ALERT!)

Jacob: For starters, there is a lot left unseen where "Jacob Black" is concerned. Until he shows up at the wedding reception for "Bella" and "Edward," he is wandering. His individual trials as well as his relationship with the wolfpack before, during, and after this moment are all paths which can be explored on-screen.

The 'Volturi' and their side of the story in Breaking Dawn: Though it is rather effective to experience the threat that is the "Volturi" from the side of those in Forks, Washington alone when reading the book, there is a lot of room for growth in this storyline. What were they planning? What conversations did they have before coming to Forks? How is the dynamic exhibited on the field reflected in their planning behaviors? There is a lot more we could learn about the "Volturi" during these moments. Knowing what they saw or discussed was very interesting in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, and with Breaking Dawn – since they become the central villain group for the story – this could be even more so.

Histories: As with the Quileute Legends backstory and southern wars history from "Jasper" in Eclipse, Breaking Dawn features at least two other steps back in time: child vampires and half-vampires. Two of the newest mythological concepts in the story of Breaking Dawn are these. Through conversations and events, we learn that there was a tradition of creating and keeping child vampires which doomed the "Denali" mother (this later animates a whole new set of events for the story with "Irina"). We also learn that there were instances of human/vampire romantic behaviors in the past that brought to life at least one like "Renesmee" before. Giving visual life to these accounts would add material for the films as well as effectively parlay the information they contain.

Alice and Jasper: When "Alice" and "Jasper" leave Forks, they are on a mission. "Bella" knows this, thanks to the handy clues left behind for her, and this aides her in seeking potential paths of rescue. But what were they doing and who did they speak to while away? This is a question that many fans would love to see answered, and it is one which the film version of Breaking Dawn could easily elucidate.

Charlie’s side: Before "Jacob" invites "Charlie" to see "Bella," there is a long period of likely agonizing time where he is in the dark about her condition. Chances are, there is a lot of untapped material available in that story as well, and it would probably work well to pace the reintroduction of the two to see a bit of his side of things.

[Ina Noorazan]

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