Sunday, November 7, 2010

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Stephanie Meyer are now in Brazil and Possible Isle Esme?

I know most of you have heard about this news from other sources like one or two days ago. But since I am still excited about it, I just wanna share the news again.

I am currently reading Breaking Dawn (for not sure how many times) and is so excited to know that they are now is Brazil filming the honeymoon scene. I hope with Stephanie Meyer there, it won't get to much out of the story line and wouldn't mind for extra. ;)

If earlier reports on Melissa Rosenberg saying it will be sexy and hot are's gonna be EPIC. Robsten chemistry is such a bomb! Feathers flying, headboard chopped/broke off...fuh!! My heart stopped just by thinking about it. (starting it back now).

Get a look at a possible Isle Esme......  

Could this be the possible location for Isle Esme?  As we all know, Isle Esme is the place where Edward takes Bella on their honeymoon.  What a beautiful beach house and it resembles the Cullen house with all the windows.   You can go to their website CasaEmParatay to check it out!

Located in a paradisiac area, the house designed by Thiago Bernardes has complete infrastructure, with comfort and privacy, in a 220 meters private beach. Additionally, it has exclusive access by boat or helicopter.


2 suites with king-size bed,
2 suites with 2 twin beds each,
2 suĂ­tes with 3 twin beds each,
and independent living room.


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