Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rob & Kristen to shoot honeymoon waterfall scene {SPOILER ALERT!}

■ Filming in the waterfall area began early today (Nov 9th)

■ The area is not accessible barriers and security have the area sealed off

■ The most you can see are crew trucks

■ Stephenie Meyer is not at this location but it is believed that Rob and Kristen and their doubles are

■ Filming should shift later today (Nov 9th) to the Isle Esme location

■ It is believed that Stephenie Meyer will be at the Isle Esme location

■ There is a veritable flotilla of boats piled with photographers and fans anchored off the island at the 200 yard perimeter established and patrolled by the Brazilian navy. Anyone attempting to break the perimeter will have to deal with the Brazilian navy


■ Latest info has Edward jumping off a waterfall and then swimming up to Bella and kissing her. The risky parts of this will be done by stunt doubles the non-risky by Rob and Kristen

■ Kristen is wearing a bikini and Rob wears board shorts

■ The ambulance seen in the above picture is in case anyone was injured in filming the dive

■ The waterfall scene is maybe 5 minutes tops

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[Ina Noorazan]

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Twilighters Malaysia said...

aaa...this must be the scene where Edward is trying to distract Bella from having sex. ehehehe...I like...:D