Monday, November 8, 2010

Meet Sasha Denali

With the many casting announcements that have come down in recent months, it might've seemed as though there weren't any more roles to fill (other than, of course, extras) with The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, but it seems that there was at least one.

Andrea Powell, who currently stars in The Gates, posted the following messages on her Facebook page:

. . . looks like I'll be making an appearance in the next #Twilight movie...and that my loyalties are now divided.

No word yet on whether or not I sparkle. At the VERY least I'm hoping for some really cool eyes. :-)

I'll be playing Sasha, "mother" of Tanya, Kate & Irina.

Thanks to the Twilight Saga Wiki page, here's a handy reminder description for the character:

Sasha created Vasilii, an immortal child. She kept his existence from Tanya and her sisters, to save them from the fate of being executed by the Volturi, which seems to indicate that she expected it to happen. The Volturi got involved and executed Sasha by means of burning, with Vasilii in her arms. Tanya and her sisters witnessed their mother’s death but were not destroyed afterwards. Their mother’s death instilled a healthy respect for the laws of the vampire world in the sisters.

Her inclusion in the film means that there'll probably be a flashback sequence involving her and the "immortal child" she adopted, as well as, potentially, the "Denali" daughters (Maggie Grace as "Irina", Casey LaBow as "Kate," and Mia Maestro as "Carmen"). This'll be a good way to explain the danger which "Irina" felt upon seeing "Renesmee" - which then sparks her tattling to the "Volturi," of course.

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