Saturday, December 19, 2009

Chris (THE MAN!) Weitz Spills 10 New Moon Secrets To!!!

Im so excited coz I LOVE MOVIE TRIVIA'S!!!

Chris Weitz (oh bless his soul!), spoke to (that's Entertainment Weekly) and revealed 10 New Moon Secrets! For those of you who have read my New Moon Trivia post before, some of the info might not be entirely new but here's some of my favs:

The famous 'almost-kiss'. It could definitely win the 'Almost-kiss Award'


''If you want to know what Jacob says before he almost kisses Bella, ask a Quileute! The address of the Quileute tribal council is I can tell you this much: He says, Kwop kilawtley.''

What's 'Kwop kilawtley'? Anyone? I've been researching and the Quileute Nation's web doesn't have an online dictionary. ANYONE??? But I bet it means something mushy coz Jacob (after all) is pretty knocked-up when it comes to Bella! Don't you think so??? LOLS!!!!


In the Volturi chamber, Aro speaks Italian — 'La Tua Cantante' (translation: 'Your Singer') should be easy for readers of the books — he's referring to Bella's being Edward's 'singer,' whose blood calls out to him stronger than anyone else's. Later, when Bella tells him that he doesn't know anything about Edward's soul, he replies, 'Fore ... ne il vostro l'uno o altro' — 'Perhaps ... nor yours either.'''

But another translation I got (online) for 'ne il vostro l'uno o altro' is 'nor your one or another'. Can this also mean that what Aro was trying to say was that Bella and Edward also does not know anything about each other's soul (referring to their argument in the truck after Bella's party about souls)?

Oh well, who am I to say. We should ask Melissa Rosenberg for the answers. You guys can head on to read the whole feature here.



MeLL said...

'Kwop kilawtley' means 'Stay with me forever'... at least that's what other blogs say. Go Google it.. i did :)

iena amoi said...

in IMDB said it meant "Stay with me forever"..just like Mell said. Hi Mell!!