Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New and Unfamiliar Faces in Eclipse

According to IMDB’s profile for the Twilight Saga – Eclipse there are 3 unknown actors added to the Eclipse cast list.

Monique Ganderto - IMDB’s description of her Eclipse character: Beautiful Vampiress. Monique is a Canadian actress (from Alberta). She typically is a stunt double in most movies she appears in.

Ben Geldrich – IMDB has him listed as play the part of John

Justin Rain – IMDB states that he will play the role of a Quileute Warrior. Justin is from Canada (British Columbia).

Some sites mistakenly posted the picture of Rain (Ninja Assassin) in their post ;)...so don't worry Twihards..it's not him. Although...it would be nice to see him putting his buffed up body to use in Eclipse (not really necessary since they will most probably featured as wolves most of the time :P)

via EM.org
Source: imdb

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