Monday, December 14, 2009

Robert Pattinson's Modeling Pics and in His Birthday Suit in Heat Magazine (UK)

I was browsing through a pile of past issue magazines in a magazine shop yesterday and came across the 18-24 April 2009 issue of UK's Heat Magazine and guess what? It's featuring a special on Rob (and other hunks) and the tagline was "Robert Pattinson Gets NAKED"..~~Woo-hoo... Catch your fancy??? Checkout these scans:

Note: Had to edit a bit on the "Mini Rob" in the mirror. We are modest eh?

Some cool Rob facts...

Sorry RobLovers... Just had to edit a bit on the privates there to make sure that this post is suitable for all levels..LOL! That still was from Little Ashes when he plays Salvador Dali. But if you really² want to see 'em (nothing much, really!), PM me and I will comply :p

Oh, and I WAS NOT REALLY drawn to the section I edited above, but more so to his never-seen-before modeling pics. He was quoted saying that he modeled in the era where the adrogynous look was in so he stopped getting jobs once he became more "manly" (not that we complain!). So I was wondering how girly did he look to be admitting that so, I just had to blow this up!

Hi Claudia!

Aren't we looking pretty?

Oh my, oh my, oh my, rosy cheeks and all... No offense Rob, but he did look like a girl don't he? Really guys! But even then he does look kinda angelic, don't you think?

Im leaving it to you guys...

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