Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Finally RPatzz is spotted!!

Any of you are craving and searching on any news or sighting of Robert Pattinson? Awww...don't be shy....ahahahahah

He was spotted with his sister (Victoria or Lizzy..we are not sure) in Barnes, South-Wales London after Christmas. No sighting of Kstew but there are rumors she will be in London spending time with Rpatzz for the new year. Well, we will have to wait for more proof on that. (Praying for it to happen..:P)

Happy girls? Now you can sleep better at nite :D

Source: ROBsessed


atiza shaemri said...

rob seems insecure dats why he holds on to his sis..how cute..

Twilighters Malaysia said...

I don't think he is holding on to her...just the camera angle...eheheheh :D