Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fan Made Eclipse Poster's MRSEDWARDCULLEN blogged about a fan made Eclipse poster (its beautiful but it qualifies more as a promo shot to me than a poster tho). Here's her post:

I absolutely love this picture! I love how “Bella” is laying in the snow, its very reminiscent of the cold weather in forks, and the snow storm that Jacob, Bella and Edward had to endure while they camped out in the tent the night before the battle in the clearing. The infamous red ribbon, the design of it and the way she is holding it, is stunning. Also is that a wedding dress she is wearing? Nice touch!

UPDATE: The original photograph is by Zhang Jingna and a clever fan wrote eclipse on it apparently, which still rocks! Check out the original here

(Thanks, Rayanne & Mel!)

Aren't you all excited? Well I know I am! Oh, and the model is not Kristen Stewart you guys. You can checkout the link above to the original pic hosted on deviantart and the model's name is Viola. But its a great resemblance eh?

Thanks MRSEDWARDCULLEN for sharing!


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iena amoi said...

I really tot it was Kstew..but after I knew and looked wasn't her. Wat a resemblence :)