Friday, December 11, 2009

Bryce Dallas Howard Speaks Eclipse...and Breaking Dawn?

Celebrity Q&A Examiner's Carla Hay posted a short interview with Bryce Dallas Howard aka Victoria and talks about filming Eclipse and (possibly) Breaking Dawn. This could be one of the first times she ever speaks about her role in the Twilight Franchise after her controversial casting earlier this year. Checkout the excerpts:
"What advice would you have for an actor who is doing a role that was previously played by someone else? A lot of people thought you handled yourself well in the controversy over your "Eclipse" casting.

We’ll see. The jury is still out, because Rachelle [Lefevre] really created an incredible character and is exquisite. I fell like the uproar that occurred was really appropriate, because part of the joy of seeing a franchise, it’s almost like a television series. You’ve seen the actors grow with the franchise. And [Lefevre’s] unavailability [to do "Eclipse"] was really, really, really unfortunate. Advice? Gosh. Just to do your best and be ├╝ber-respectful. She won that role for a reason. I hope to honor everything that she created."

Checkout the rest of the interview and article here

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