Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kristen Likes Robert In 'Remember Me'

Kristen at the The Runaways Premier

Yes guys...OMG says so!

Despite all the rumours and the "Are they, are the not?" gossip that has been going on, Kristen stays in a good relationship (as a friend...akhem...) with Robert and even gave a good comment on his acting in 'Remember Me'...  She said:

"I think he's bold and different. It wasn't an easy character to play. I thought he was really good in it."

I havent watched Remember Me myself but from the reviews I'm getting.. I will make it a point to watch it before it cools down (no offense Robert...give me some credit... I fell for Edward, not you...LOL) --> ALPHA

Anywhoo... She also commented on us TwiHards..:

"I've never been so fanatical about something. I never had that thing that I'm obsessed with. But, I've followed things for years like bands and movies and actors. I completely get what they're feeling. Personally, it's just so cool for me to be able to go back and follow a character for so long in successive movies. The fact that fans love them helps give me the chance."

Kristen, oh Kristen... we so heart you!!!  Read more of the OMG! coverage on Kristen here.

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Twilighters Malaysia said...

First, I fell for Edward...then Robert...ehehehe - Beta ;)