Saturday, March 27, 2010

Awesome Eclipse Poster Manip!

This awesome fan made manip of the recently released (oh, did I tell you I loved the look? - Alpha) Eclipse Poster is so AWESOME!  It was posted on

I so love the dual tones, enhancing the rivalry effect... And how Bella seems to be caught in between.  The fan manipulating this is awesome!  And he/she also manipulated a few more, including the 'Tent' scene... Edward looks aggravated...oh...wish I can help comfort him..oh!

Check it out on here...


atiza shaemri said...

this one better than the official..
n the tent scene also brilliant..I love it..poor edward.

Twilighters Malaysia said...

But he didnt actually go wait outside in the book... The aggravation must have been ten fold... - Alpha

Twilighters Malaysia said...

Edward would have so much self control to be able to sit outside the tent with that kinda shadow. Honestly, I would just burst into the tent! ahahahaha

I think Summit should do a contest for desinging it's official movie poster. I mean fanmade are much more awesome coz fans are much more engaged to the books/movies.

And maybe they shud change screenwriter as well, just like they change director for every movie. I wanna see how good MR is for Eclipse. hmmmmm....I hope she doesn;t dissapoint us!!


atiza shaemri said...

and the winner of the contest get to meet robsten n other casts..haha
I'll definitely join one if they hve such contest..hihi