Monday, March 29, 2010

Three New Eclipse Screen Caps!!!


These three screen caps was recently released and according to the source -, it was done so by Summit themselves.  It features 3 scenes from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse with Edward, Bella, Carlisle and Jacob.  My brain is seriously taking a holiday at the moment so I can't imagine which ones (maybe I just need a quick recap of Eclipse to be sure...).

Anyone can pin point which scene?

Oh, and the source did not write much, pretty much just posted these.  You can view the source here.


Twilighters Malaysia said...

I think the 3rd pic is the scene when Edward sent Bella to Jacob while he's away. Not quite sure of the other two. --> Beta

atiza shaemri said...

the 1st pic could be the scene where they all gather at the cullen's and jasper told bella his story about newborn..not quite sure tho.. cz I pictured bella's expression like that while reading..hehe