Thursday, March 25, 2010

Review on Twilight Graphic Novel Vol.1


According to a post by Twilight Examiner, Twilight Graphic Novel Vol. 1 has made history with sales of over "66,000 copies in its first week, the largest debut for a graphic novel in the US". I know by now, some of you have already get your hands on a copy of the graphic novel. My copy arrived the same day it hits Borders Bookstore Malaysia. Obviously, as a twihard, I can't wait to get anything related to The Twilight Saga and let alone a graphic novel.

When the news about the novel came out with a front cover feature, I thought, Bella is too pretty because she is supposed to be plain. But then again, almost every Manga girl character is potrayed that way ;). So, here is my thoughts on the novel after reading it.

I'll start with the cover. I was happy with the fact that it's a hard cover version and all of you have seen the cover art from various website post. However, I wish that the cover is not a removable type. It's kinda hard to keep it in place and hard to make sure I don't rip it (I love all my Twilight collection and want them to be in good condition always!). I hope they will not do the same thing with Vol.2!

Apart from that, the art illustration of Twilight is without a doubt superb!! It might even recruit some twiconvert (that's what we call new twilight diehard) among manga lovers. I am not a comic or manga reader or fan myself, but it did give me a different perspective on how the characters and scenes in Twilight would look like. Young Kim did an excellent job illustrating all the characters and this time the right justice was given to the Cullens beauty, Rosalie's character Nikki is just not Rosalie and Edward was not even close to Edward Robert Pattinson but somehow, I loved it! Charlie is a bit different too while Jacob is cute.

From what I understand (correct me if I'm wrong), manga is drawn and illustrated in black and white and so does this graphic novel with exceptions of few pages. To me it would have been more beautiful if every page is coloured to inject more 'life' to it. Obviously it would cost a bit more but I wouldn't mind to spend.

Young Kim really followed the storyline from the book (thanks to Stephanie Meyer who guided her all the way) and it is awesome to see scenes that were not in the movie came to life (even in illustration). I just love the cute cafeteria scene. I would suggest you read Twilight novel first before you read the graphic novel to refresh your memory on the actual storyline. I was a bit mixed up between the original novel with the movie version :P.

The graphic novel ends at Edward and Bella coming back from the meadow when they visited it together for the first time (I bet you know which part this is) and I finished reading it in one night. I am reading Twilight novel again (lost count how many times) and then will read the graphic novel for second time.

So, anyone else has read the graphic novel? Give us your thoughts!


atiza shaemri said...

OMG..u r so fast.definetely a true twiconvert..haha
i wish i can grab dat one too..
(means dat i wish i have a bunch of money to spend)harr..
i agree with u dat bella is too good to be bella..
i thought dat cover was a vamp when i 1st saw it..

Twilighters Malaysia said...

ahahahah....yeap, we are a true twihards!!! ;)