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IDOL Magazine Interview with Charlie Bewley

We have really added any entry on other vamps before haven't we? Is it because they are not as hot as Cullens? ahahah...just joking. Well, Idol Magazine did an interview with Charlie Bewley who plays Demitri, one of theVolturi Army with a brilliant tracking gift! Take a look of what he thinks of Volturi, The Cullens and Wolfpack.

IDOL: So Charlie, how does it feel to be the ‘Jesus’ of the Volturi Guards? (Demetri has been nicknamed as such by Twi-hard fans)
Charlie: Jesus? My God, well when your bestowed with these fantastical powers… it’s wonderful to be an actor in that situation where you know there’s nothing to be afraid of and you exist as your character, there’s a certain nonchalance, a certain arrogance that comes with that, you pretty much do what you want with it, it’s great.

IDOL: Do you think that arrogance has rubbed off on you in real life?
Charlie: No! Do you think so? No, I went through my arrogant phase, I was an arrogant little crap when I was younger. I think that’s behind me now. With the role of Demetri, there’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance, I’ve always been confident with the person that I am, and it’s done really well for me I like to think. With Demetri, yeah there’s arrogance there because they’re so elitist in the Volturi, there is that arrogance, there is that sense that no one has a chance.

IDOL: We call them the vampire mafia.
Charlie: You call them that? I call them that!

IDOL: We’re on a wavelength
Charlie: Yeah, you read that didn’t you.

IDOL: I read a lot of things, but that came out my own amazing brain. So, on the lines of Demetri’s character, in the book he comes across as polite and calm but manipulating at the same time, is that something you had to portray in the movie? Was it difficult to get that balance?
Charlie: No it wasn’t difficult to get that balance. You’re right. Demetri and Felix have this great relationship, Felix just wants to fight, Demetri’s quite lazy. I think that’s the way it’s always worked, they were the ones who always used to go out and sort out the other ones. Was that hard to play? No, the danger was very apparent to the vampires, with red eyes, they’re very cool looking. So what you’ve got to do is play it nice and there’s always this undertone of danger to someone who looks like that. I could take those contact lenses out and be a normal person, as soon as you put those contact lenses in, I can’t tell you. I could smile and it would be even scarier.

IDOL: We hear that you’ve been working on a new film, Ecstasy, how does your role in that compare with your role in the New Moon?
Charlie: Well as Demetri goes around Italy, killing innocent tourists, I play an alter boy, so it’s a bit different. It was a lot of fun to do. It was a great experience. In terms of the two characters there is zero parallel between them.

IDOL: If you weren’t playing Demetri in New Moon, which character would you most like to play?
Charlie: In the Twilight saga? I’d like to play Jacob. I think he’s got a great character there I really do, just the physicality. I’m team Jacob.But listen, there’s another team and they’re going to take over! (Charlie is of course referring to Team Demetri.)

IDOL: There was some pretty crazy footage of you in Italy, coming out of a scene of filming and there were girls going absolutely mad- you went and stood against them. I’m surprised they didn’t drag you in! How does that feel?
Charlie: You know what I’ve always said this about fame. Only a fraction of society ever get to experience fame, I don’t even think I’m famous right now- I mean amongst a certain demographic people might know me, but fame is like a worldly thing. In Italy you felt famous because everybody knew you, we were in this small town and there were 5 thousand screaming girls and they were all looking for these 6 cast members. It was a first experience for me, I think you just have to embrace it. There was a time when I was completely engulfed and my clothes were ripped off my body, and I needed 5 security guards to help me get out! But if its under control, just give the fans what they want because without them you’re nothing.

IDOL: What interested you in the role?
Charlie: I think Demetri is like me but on steroids. He’s just a fantastic character to play, he’s smooth. (Laughs) Not that I’m saying I’m smooth!

IDOL: Did you read the books?
Charlie: No I didn’t read the books, I’ll confess I didn’t read the books, I actually got the audio books, and I found them a lot easier to digest and a lot easier to get through. The book isn’t active enough for me, it’s too emotionally involving to keep my attention. I’m not that emotional. That’s why girls love it. I mean it shows every emotion every character goes through line by line and I can’t read that. My attention just goes. I mean I would listen to the audio books and I would pick up the general flavour of whats going on, I found that much easier to digest.

IDOL: So is that how you got into your role, by listening to the audio books?
Charlie: I had to get the role before the audition, I had to understand the character before the audition, I went to people who had read the books, and got all the relevant information off them.

IDOL: We’ve got some quick random questions before we have to wrap it up. Is Robert really that hot in real life?
Charlie: No, it’s because Edward Cullen is damn hot.

IDOL: Is Taylor that hot?
Charlie: Yeah I think he is, he was pretty ripped beforehand.

IDOL: So you’re team Jacob right? But now you’re team Demetri?
Charlie: Yeah. Vote Demetri

IDOL: Do you think that we’d make good vampires?
Charlie: You two? You’d be excellent vampires.

IDOL: Can you get us in the movie, please?
Charlie: Can I get you in the movie? I don’t think I’m that powerful

IDOL: You’re Demetri! You just hold those producers down!
Charlie: I’m not Demetri and you have separation issues girl!

IDOL: Do you love London?
Charlie: I do love London, I love being in London. I actually once came to London to sell pole dancing poles but I decided to be an actor instead.

IDOL: Is that an exclusive?
Charlie: Yeah that’s an exclusive.


Ok. First and foremost, Rob Pattinson is hot! I guess I can understand men and women has different perception of what's hot. Men and girls (chicks) digs the body, women loves the pesona (but then that's just me --> Beta). Can't imagine him playing Jacob though and he sold dancing poles? I bet he can show a move or two...LOL!

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