Friday, March 5, 2010

Bring Robert Pattinson Everywhere You Go!!

Any Robsessed here? OME!! What am I asking? Of course there are...ahahahah. Well, now you can bring him everywhere you go and see his sexy gorgeous face anywhere you go!! Seriously!!

Nurul got this as her farewell gift, and I (Azlina) immediately went to buy one!! Now I bring Robert Pattinson everywhere I go. LOL!! What is it? It's Robert Pattinson mini bio book. Twisome isn't it??

Robert Pattison mini bio book @ RM22.95

You can find it at Times Bookstore in Pavilion. We are not sure whether Borders has it but will check for you. Will update soon!! We promise!! ;)


I was walking pass Borders Times Square on Wednesday evening and I saw that they also have this pocket book so hurry!!! Grab your now!!! - Nurul

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