Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fabulous Beautiful 'Twilight' and 'Eclipse' Fan Art

We have previously posted an entry on Twifan Art on the blog. Today, as I was reading through, I came across yet another fabulous fan art creation of 'Twilight' and latest once 'Eclipse'. There is even 'Edward & Bella' fan art by the artist. The artist known as Alice is a 21 years old female from United States and using the nick Alicexz. She is truely talented!!

You can view more of her beautiful work at her homepage :)


atiza shaemri said...

the 1st pic is from the scene where bella said hes a vamp.the meadow scene..wee~~
am i rite??
how i wish i am dat creative too..
those draws are twisome!!

sky said...

alicexz has been getting lots of praise for her work. glad twi malaysia pon recognise talent die

Twilighters Malaysia said...

Atiza - yes! definitely!! twisome

sky - yes, we do appreciate good creative arts escpecially those related to twilight ;)