Sunday, March 14, 2010

Twilighters Malaysia Support 'Remember Me Saturday' 13th March 2010!!

Beta of Twilighters Malaysia (Azlina) hosted a Remember Me Saturday get together for robsessed twihards. LOL! We had lunch at Garden Restaurant, Curve Damansara and later went to watch Remember Me. There was 18 people who attended the get together and each one receive original Remember Me poster (courtesy of Tayangan Unggul) and a fanmade Robert Pattinson Remember Me keychain. Awesome!! (I just love to give freebies).

Robsessors with their Remember Me poster ;)

 Fanmade Robert Pattinson Remember Me keychain :D

Remember Me Review (Spoiler Alert!):

It is a profound and deep story. Totally worth to watch! Robert Pattinson was excellent in bringing his role to life. His signature smirky smile lights up the room once in a while (Gosh! I just love that smirky smile). I know some of us has problem of seeing Rob with other co-stars but Emilie was good and there was some sort of chemistry between those two (Calm down Robsten lovers - I am one too!). However, Robsten chemistry is much more intense.

The storyline is something some of us might be able to relate to and it has a twist at the end. (I cried like a baby....uhuk). Please bring tissue if you plan to watch. I think I am gonna watch it again this weekend ;)

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